TagParty Sport uses the RAZOR Tagger from Adventure Sports HQ

Razor Taggers

The Razor is a well balanced Tagger, constructed from Aluminum. The TagParty Sport version has an adjustable stock, and a red, green and blue dot scope attached. There is a sensor mounted on the Tagger and 3 additional head sensors, worn on a headband, for 360 degree coverage.

The Razor is a digital Tagger, which means that in addition to team scoring individuals can see who tagged them, and how often, on their Tagger’s display. It also means that the Tagger can be programmed with different characteristic like the amount of damage inflicted by a tag. In fact the Razor Tagger can now emulate a Halo / Call of Duty style game, complete with respawns and regenerative shields.Tagger Names

In keeping with TagParty’s emphasis on safe and health fun, the Taggers are not shaped like a gun, though they feel like one in your hands. The Taggers are also brightly colored, to help distinguished them from a gun, with the red and blue colors serving as team identification in games.

Each Tagger has a name associated with it. This name is adopted by the player and used in games for identification of who tagged who, and for individual and team scoring. At the end of a game  players can see who, and how many times another player tagged them in the game. During a game the last player to tag you is shown on the LCD along with in game information such as; Game Time, Health and Shield levels, and remaining ammo.

Game BoxesElectronic Game Boxes

Electronic game boxes can be configured as team flag, for capture the flag style games, or as medic and ammo station.


The standard TagParty Sport Gear

Clean team baseball style caps, beanies or head wraps if preferred,  are provided to each player for team identification purposes. The caps also prevent the sensor headbands from becoming a hygiene issue. Cap rental is part of the base price.

Safety Glasses

When playing in wooded areas, or other areas where eye protection is a good idea, players must wear the safety glasses provided by TagParty. The safety glasses are not required for eye protection from the Tagger, as the Infrared beam is completely safe.